Glamorous Donal Bisht for FILMFARE AWARDS – See photos


Glamorous Donal Bisht for FILMFARE AWARDS

Mumbai: Big Boss contestant and OTT’s newest choice, Donal Bisht who has won hearts of the audience through her small-screen performance, dazzled the Filmfare awards in a stand-out yellow glitter gown. The gorgeous actress kept the ensemble minimal with a statement earring. She was among the few to opt for the bold hue and a dash of sizzle and fun to the formal event. She accentuated her monochromatic attire with shimmering eyes and her signature warmth and confidence. As someone who has adored Malaika’s eternal style she couldn’t contain her excitement on color-twinning with Bollywood’s original ‘munni’.The ‘colour-bee’ loves playing with ‘hot’ colors as she believes that it exudes her zing towards life. She’ll soon be seen in a web series on MX player later next month.


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