Bangkok : Bang Sue Grand Station: a look at the future of rail travel in Thailand


Bangkok – Hua Lamphong is, for many people, a beloved representation of rail travel in Thailand. However, there is a significant upgrade that is about to change the future of this form of travel in Thailand: Bang Sue Grand Station.
Train travel in Thailand has always been a favourite method of transportation within the Kingdom. Travelling domestically by train is simple, cheap, and oftentimes thrilling. For many tourists, the experience of taking a long-distance train in Thailand is their introduction to Thai culture beyond (and in between) hubs like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.
Currently, there are over 300 stops within the State Railway of Thailand (SRT)’s system. The current railway consists of 5 separate lines and spans a total length of 4,346 km.
There is a palpable air of nostalgia attached to train travel in Thailand. This feeling is derived from various places and things, including the classic look and feel of the trains, vendors jumping on and off to sell traditional Thai snacks, and the plethora of scenery changes on any cross-country rail journey.
Taking the train is a standard mode of transportation for tourists and locals alike. While locals often use the trains to commute, transport goods, and travel between provinces to visit family, there are several routes that many seasoned tourists to Thailand would consider to be a rite of passage for anyone looking to experience the rail system here.
One such line is the sleeper train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, which offers a unique view of the entire region from one of Thailand’s northernmost points to the bustling hub where it stops in Bangkok.In the digital age, train travel in Thailand flourishes online with a following of admirers from Thailand and abroad contributing to a steadily-growing collection of content that appetises anyone looking for train sentiment.One of the more popular communities was built with the hashtag #รถไฟไทย. Pronounced as “Rotfai Thai,” which means “Thai Train” in English, this hashtag enables content creators to connect with other Thailand train enthusiasts. This community shares their thoughts and experiences on Thailand’s rail systems with other train lovers worldwide. Searching this term offers copious feel-good YouTube videos, tweets, and Instagram posts of train travel around the Kingdom.
At the core of this community is what many train admirers consider to be the heart of the entire train system in Thailand: Hua Lamphong, also known as Bangkok Station.


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