Arjuna Harjai and Jonita Gandhi’s Main Janu Na casts a spell of love; song out now

Mumbai: After making splashes with music in films, series, and the independent scene, Arjuna Harjai and Jonita Gandhi bring Main Janu Na, a song with an unforgettable melody about the magic of love. The song is now available on all streaming platforms.
Released by Sony Music India, Main Janu Na has been composed by Arjuna Harjai, sung by him and Jonita Gandhi, penned by Surabhi Dashputra. The video of the song features Arjuna and popular TV actress, Sonarika Bhadoria, who is renowned for her role as Parvati in Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev. While the song is sonically mesmerizing, the visuals are gorgeously shot in dense forests and snow-clad mountainscapes. The gripping storyline follows a man’s encounter with an enchantress who casts a spell of love and lulls him into a state of surrender.
Music director and singer Arjuna Harjai says, “Main Janu Na is about the rush and wonder of love. The idea was to capture the essence of surrendering in love and we wanted to depict the state of trance in its music video. Most of all, collaborating with Jonita for this song was super fun and she makes it sound like a dream. Big cheers to those in love; our song is for you.”
Singer Jonita Gandhi says, “It’s a beautiful love song composed by Arjuna Harjai. It’s always a pleasure working with him and lending my vocals to his soulful compositions. I feel the juxtaposition of our voices really blends so well and adds to the feel of the song. The visuals of the song are just as enticing as its melody. I am very excited to know what listeners think about it.”
Sonarika Bhadoria says, “Main Janu Na has a beautiful melody and it has an energy of its own. It felt amazing to play off to that energy. Arjuna and Jonita have a strange magnetism in their voice that just lit up the song in a special way. The experience of featuring in the song has been truly memorable. I’m thrilled for the listeners who’ll be hearing it for the first time.”
Released by Sony Music India, Main Janu Na is now available on all streaming platforms.

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