Dance Deewane team salutes Raghav’s spirit during the pandemic


Mumbai: COLORS Dance Deewane’s host Raghav Juyal is back on stage after a brief hiatus as television’s popular couple Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa stepped in to host the show. While he was away, Raghav was working towards the welfare of his homeground Uttarakhand during the raging pandemic. He was on the ground arranging oxygen and procuring necessary medicines for covid patients.
On his return to the show, Raghav got a grand entry in a palkhi as all the contestants danced to the tunes of Ghoomar for him. The judges and the contestants expressed their gratitude for Raghav and saluted him for all his efforts in helping people. Seeing Raghav’s video on the relief work, judge Madhuri Dixit said, “On one hand, when everyone feared the virus and staying home, Raghav was going to villages to help those in need. He was fearless and was on the ground helping and sharing the pain and caring for others. I would really like to thank you for everything that you did. I salute you!”
Listening to this Raghav said, “Thank you all for supporting me. If it was someone else, they would have asked me to come back as I am bound by the contract. But here instead, everyone encouraged me and cheered me for whatever I was doing. I would like to thank COLORS and the team of Dance Deewane for their unceasing support. Even the dancer community helped me a lot in spreading awareness and helping me get the correct contacts. Madhuri ma’am also used to be on calls with me to help me in whichever way possible.”
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