Jan Hit Party to Fight UP, MP, Punjab and Uttarakhand Polls, Newly Formed Party Also to Contest Madhya Pradesh Local Body Elections


Jan Hit Party to Fight UP, MP, Punjab and Uttarakhand Polls, Newly Formed Party Also to Contest Madhya Pradesh Local Body Elections

# Sanjay Tyagi is the National President of Jan Hit Party
# Party to Fight UP Polls & MCD Delhi Elections
# Riding the plank of development and anti-people policies Centre and MP BJP Govt.

New Delhi – Ahead of UP & Punjab elections, a new political party ‘Jan Hit’ has been formed. The National President of Jan Hit Party Sanjay Tyagi and National Organization General Secretary and National Chief Spokesperson Vinod Tyagi held a press conference on Tuesday, 21st December at Press Club of India, New Delhi and addressed the media persons on the launch of the new party. Sanjay Tyagi, National President, Jan Hit Party, said, “The Central Government and Delhi State are running on the anti-people policies. The public is being harassed continuously by the government with inflation, unemployment. They continues to harass the youth and the general public mentally & financially.”He further stressed that attempt is being made to exploit the government treasury. “Teachers are not being regularized by the MP government, no employment in MP has come through companies, government job vacancies are lying vacancy. The same is the condition of the Yogi Government in Uttar Pradesh.”National Organization General Secretary and National Chief Spokesperson Shri Vinod Tyagi said, “The people of Madhya Pradesh are aghast. Government job vacancies are not being recruited, every exam paper is being leaked, the atrocities on women are not stopping, farmers’ sugarcane arrears have not been paid till date. Unemployed youth are on the streets, farmers are on the streets, poor brothers and sisters have no employment, common people are troubled by inflation, law and order is weak, government machinery is being misused. “Vinod Tyagi, National Organisation General Secretary of Jan Hit Party & National Chief Spokesperson, in his address, said, “The police and the administration are forced to work under political pressure, false cases are being filed against the leaders and workers of opposition political parties, governance is being run by advancing the police system, fundamental rights are being violated. It is being done, the rights of the general public are being abolished by dictatorship and fanaticism, the policy of appeasement is being demonstrated openly, conspiracy is being done to seek votes by inciting religious sentiments, the basic spirit of the constitution. Both the Centre and the State government are running on anti-people policies, people have to fight against them. The Jan Hit Party has emerged, the place where the anti-people work will take place, the Party will stand with the general public to protest vigorously.”
Jan Hit Party will fight the Local Body elections in MP and State Assembly in Uttar Pradesh.
On the occasion of the press conference, National Vice President of Jan Hit Party Sarvesh Tyagi, National General Secretary Ajay Singhal, State Organization Secretary Brijkishore Tyagi, Senior Vice President Delhi State Shri Anuj Numberdar Tyagi, Delhi State General Secretary and Spokesperson Sanjeev Bhardwaj were present.
State President Jharkhand Shailesh Charan Mishra , National Organization Minister and Jharkhand State Incharge Rajan Jha , State General Secretary Madhya Pradesh Pramod Awasthi were present.

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