Jayati Bhatia to reprise her role as Mataji in COLORS’ upcoming show Sasural Simar Ka Season 2

Mumbai: One of the viewers’ favorite show COLORS’ Sasural Simar Ka is set to return to the screen with season 2 with a whole lot of drama and a new storyline. While the fandom is excited to watch the new edition of the show, it is equally exhilarating to witness their favorite characters return to the show.
After Dipika Kakar returning as Simar, the very talented Jayati Bhatia will also be a part of the show. Much like Mataji, her present character Gitanjali Devi will be the pillar of the family, rooted in traditions and family values. As an authoritarian of the family, there is no decision taken without her consent and her family members see to it that they comply.
Talking about returning to the show, Jayati Bhatia said, “The character of Mataji has somewhat become synonymous to me and it is a testimony to the love and appreciation the viewers’ shower on us. While my character as Gitanjali Devi resonates with Mataji, there are few surprises that the audience will witness as the story unfolds. I am very excited to be back on the show, more like a homecoming, I am looking forward to working with the new cast and with Dipika Kakar. I hope that season 2 of Sasural Simar Ka tastes similar success as season 1 and achieves new feats.”
Packed with multiple dramatic twists, Sasural Simar Ka 2 will return soon on COLORS

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