‘Musafir’ by Prerna V Arora and Tips featuring Shivin Narang is out now!


‘Musafir’ by Prerna V Arora and Tips featuring Shivin Narang is out now!

Mumbai – The new music single ‘Musafir’ presented by Prerna V Arora Arora, Tips and Bayfilms is out now for listeners to relish. The song is released under the prestigious banner of Tips Music Official. Directed by Aishwarya Rajinikanth ‘Musafir’ is a perfect mix of beautiful lyrics by Kunaal Vermaa and music & vocals by Ankit Tiwari. The freshness of his voice sets the tone right. Shivin Narang, television’s heartthrob is featured in this song.

Prerna Arora said, “It was during covid times in Jan, Ankit and I met for a project. Ankit made me hear the song and I was totally sure that I would make this. I spoke to Kumar Ji about it and he loved it. Aishwaryaa ma’am was on board to direct a big number for us. She heard this song and was totally in love with it. That’s how she & I connected. Tips music, Kumar Ji, Aishwaryaa ma’am & I collaborated to make this on a national scale in multiple languages. Aishwaryaa ma’am’s style is simple but has a huge vision and she brings it across in her direction. As Hari Up is my next with Shivin and directed by Sajid Sir, for me Shivin was my only choice and I had already made up my mind to cast him. He is special and also my big critic. It was fate. I think the song was edged in stone the day it began. We are happy with the response to the song in the South and it’s such a beautiful number. Hopefully, our audiences will like this all over. It’s a passion project for all of us. Special thanks to Salman my co-producer of Bay films. Without Bayfilm’s support, this would not have been possible.

In the words of Kumar Taurani, “It’s a great pleasure to be associated with a diversified musical project that is led by two powerful ladies, Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth & Prerna Arora. ‘Musafir’ is special as it will be released not just in Hindi but also in Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam, and to have different singers and artists be involved in this project that Tips Music will be delivering Pan India, is as good as it gets.”

Salman M Shaikh from ‘Bayfilms’ says, “It has been an exciting experience to be a part of this project. Working with Prerna V Arora and Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth was an incredible experience. I am amazed by the response we are receiving for the song. It’s very encouraging for the entire team to work on the making. Multilingual and released nationwide, this song has a lot of excitement.”

In the words of Shivin Narang, “Musafir, as the name defines, has been a journey with Prerna Arora and Tips Music and Kumar Taurani Ji. I am looking forward to my next release with them. Prerna believed in me and I in her to create this collaboration that stands unique. The song is simple yet deep. I’m so looking forward to seeing the audience enjoy the song and shower it with love.”


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