myITreturn Launches India’s First-of-Its-Kind Mobile App


myITreturn Launches India’s First-of-Its-Kind Mobile App

Indore – Skorydov, the innovative force behind myITreturn is excited to announce the launch of their groundbreaking new mobile app designed to simplify and revolutionize how Indians file their Income-tax returns. This innovative app is the first of its kind in India, allowing users to file their taxes directly from their smartphones without needing to upload any physical documents, streamlining the entire process, and making it quicker and more efficient than before.

Saakar Yadav, Founder of Skorydov, shared his excitement about the new app, saying, “We are thrilled to introduce this game-changing app to India. At myITreturn, our mission has always been to make tax filing easy, secure, and efficient. This app is a testament to that mission, providing a unique solution that simplifies the entire process while ensuring the safety of user’s data and providing them with maximum possible refund. We believe this app will fundamentally change how Indians approach their tax filing in the coming days.”

A Game-Changer in Tax Filing
The myITreturn app is transforming the way one handles tax return filing. The myITreturn app is designed with the consumer in mind, eliminating the hassle of paperwork and making tax filing accessible for everyone. With just a few taps on a smartphone, one can complete the tax return from the comfort of one’s home or office. This ease of use is what makes the myITreturn app a real game-changer in the field.

Affordable Tax Filing at Just Rs.99!
Skorydov, the makers of the app, said that they are committed to making quality tax services affordable for everyone. That’s why they are offering tax filing through our app at just Rs.99. This initiative aims to lift any unnecessary financial burden on taxpayers while ensuring they receive top-notch service.

Unmatched Expertise and Trust
Since the beginning, myITreturn has been dedicated to making tax filing simple and stress-free. As pioneers in e-filing, they have built a robust platform that ensures accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with all government regulations. myITreturn (Skorydov) is officially recognized by the Income Tax Department of India, so one can rest assured that personal and financial information is secure and handled with utmost care.

Key Features of the myITreturn App
The app is incredibly user-friendly and guides the user through each step with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Whether the person is a salaried employee or self-employed, they will find the process straightforward and accessible.

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