QUALITY OVER QUANTITY,” says actress Kashika Kapoor who will soon be seen in a music video


Mumbai: Insisting that her foray into the world of performing arts was not a flash-in-the-pan decision, Kashika Kapoor says that it’s her passion & love for the craft of acting which is the prime factor that attracts her to be a part of Bollywood “Being a good actor is my focus, I am here to act”
An exceptional kathak dancer, singer, and a great actor, she’s indeed a powerhouse of talent. Academically bright Kashika passed out from Jamnabai Narsee School and currently pursuing NMIMS.
On her journey to pursue her dreams, Kashika has carved her name on the title of the Super Hot Girl in Balaji flaming hot advertisement. She was the face of Vedix for December 2020. Blame her appealing looks, the upfront ambitious model & actress has been the face of renowned Indian designers like Seema Gujral, Arpita Mehta, Shyamal & Bhumika to name a few.
Talking about her journey, she says “I belong to a simple family where we don’t have any association with Bollywood, but it was my passion for this art which made me pursue acting. Growing up, I used to watch a lot of movies and listen to classical Bollywood music. Soon I developed an interest in acting. With the support of my family, I started learning singing, Kathak dance, and martial arts. When I was in 11th grade, I went to the Jeff Goldberg Studio in Mumbai to learn acting for six months. I also learned acting for a year from the renowned New York Film Academy. I believe that having knowledge in the various creative arts will help me achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I’m extremely grateful for having such supportive parents, who always encouraged me to follow my dreams and reach greater heights”
While Kashika poses all the elements to slip into any character with a lot of ease, she waits for the right script which will help her bring out the actor in her “The one thing that fascinates me is how a camera can capture a person in ways you have never imagined. Cinematography is an art and I want to be the canvas. I’m also comfortable with acting and getting involved in a character in front of the camera. I experiment with various roles, using different voices and body languages”
An avid believer of ‘quality over quantity, Kashika says “I will accept roles and movies that are meaningful and something I can relate to. I would not sign a movie just for the sake of acting; rather, the movie and the character should be things I can resonate with”

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