~ Explore 6 independent artists and their original tracks which Songfest India has produced, distributed, and will promote through this online property ~

Mumbai : Adding more power to the independent music scene in the country, Songfest India launched the first season of ‘Xplore’ – a quest to give a platform to some of the most talented indie musicians in India. Announced in August this year, the call for entries for Xplore received an overwhelming response with more than 250 original compositions as entries. Six of the most eclectic tracks will take their music to audiences at large.
An artiste-first music content company, Songfest got together six brilliant artists, to partner with them through the journey of recording the audio, producing the video and distributing them across channels. The platform aims to bridge the gap between indie musicians and access to resources to reach out to the industry. Starting with Sarthak Kalyani’s track ‘Saahiba’, the musical journey of these six talented young artists now begins!
Talking about the experience of providing a platform to independent artists through Xplore, Meghna Mittal, Co-founder and CMO, Songfest India, said, “As an artist-first company, we at Songfest take pride in unveiling Xplore, introducing these six wonderful artists and giving them a platform to showcase their craft to the world. The musicians in the first season of Xplore have been chosen solely based on the strength of their talent and the merit of their compositions as opposed to their fan following, which is usually the case. As creative individuals, we understand the hurdles that independent artists face, and Xplore is a way to provide them support, guidance and help them create music and lend all out strength in sharing it with the wider audience. Our core focus with Xplore is to provide a platform and resources to artists for them to reach their actual potential. Sarthak Kalyani, the first artist in season 1 of Xplore to have his track released said, “As a musician, all that one wants is to have their music heard by as many people as possible. However, as an independent musician, it is not that easy. Producing a video requires a considerable number of resources to be available at your disposal. But when a platform like Xplore comes your way which gives you all of that and the freedom to create the music you want to, it is quite liberating. It encourages you. It makes you want to create more and give your best because you know that there is an already established audience.”

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