Star Bharats’ new show Lakshmi Ghar Aayis upcoming episode..


Star Bharats’ new show Lakshmi Ghar Aayis upcoming episode will take you down the memory lane by re-creating Shahrukh Khan and Manisha Koirala starrer movie Dil Ses’ iconic scene in their show

Mumbai: Star Bharats’ newly launched show Lakshmi Ghar Aayi that recently hit the television screens has not only won many hearts but also received a lot of praises for taking on the social prevalent cause Dowry. Showing how this evil malpractice leads to deceit and trouble for many families, the initial episodes of the show itself showcase how it affects society and the people who face this issue. While many call it gift-giving, it is still an evil doing.
In the recent episodes, viewers saw the lead protagonist Simran who is seen essaying the role of Maithali take a stand at a wedding against a family who created havoc on the wedding day blaming her friends’ family and accusing them of giving fake gold as Dowry. With Jwala Devi essayed by Ananya Khare adding fuel to the fire the matter goes out of hand and a huge scene is created. In these roller-coaster events that happen in Maithalis’ life she begins to find a friend in Raghav (Jwalas’ son)- essayed by Akshit Sukhija where he comes to Maithalis’ rescue and helps her take a stand against the grooms family at the wedding. While their closeness seems to increase in the due course of time, the shows upcoming episode will showcase a riot where Maithali gets stuck and Raghav comes back to her rescue
Well that’s not it, with the fire and riots, the makers of the show have re-created a scene from Bollywoods’ King Khan – Sharukh Khans movie Dil Se where the duo will be seen fighting with fire in order to get away from the riot
Well isn’t that romantic and who better to take inspiration from if not King Khan
Sources inform us that the nostalgia of the scene from Dil se kicked in the actors as well and the stunts were performed flawlessly.
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