“There is much more to Gujarati music than dandiya and garba; we as musicians should promote our state’s culture and that’s what I am doing through Indian Pro Music League,” suggests Bhoomi Trivedi   

 Mumbai: Zee TV has been a pioneer and a trend-setter in shaping television content over the past three decades and currently, its reality show- Indian Pro Music League (IPML) continues to entertain the audience all through lockdown 2.0. Since the show started, all the six teams have been going all out to put their best foot forward and entertain viewers. One such team is Gujarat Rockers and captain Bhoomi Trivedi has been instrumental in her team’s amazing performance on the show. Bhoomi recently spoke about how Indian Pro Music League helped her showcase her creativity!

The Gujarat Rockers captain has not only sung some fantastic songs, but has written verses and lyrics from scratch to give some popular tracks an interesting Gujarati spin during the show. As Bhoomi revealed, “I am enjoying Indian Pro Music League a lot. We usually perform on one or two songs rather than a mashup of 4-5 songs, which is really great. I actually don’t believe that a mashup of songs is a good example of creativity. For me, creativity is doing my best to promote original, meaningful and soulful songs along with showcasing interesting genres. I must say, Indian Pro Music League has allowed me to showcase my creative side. Currently I’m enjoying singing Sapakhru, a tongue twister and Gujarati folk rap that people enjoy listening to. The entire world knows about dandiya and garba, but there is much more to Gujarati music. Similarly, there is a vast treasure of music in other states of India as well and musicians must come forward to promote their own state culture. That’s what I am doing through Indian Pro Music League.”

While Bhoomi Trivedi is reminiscing how the show has helped bring out her creative side during Lockdown 2.0, it will be interesting to see what surprise Indian Pro Music League has in store for us during this Sunday’s episode.

To watch some wonderful and soulful performances, tune into the Indian Pro Music League this Sunday at 8 pm, only on Zee TV


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