Aam Ke Aam, Guthliyon ke Daam: Radio City partnered with Mission


Green Mumbai and collected 41,000 mango seeds to farmers across Maharashtra

Mumbai : Radio City, India’s leading radio network in association with Mission Green Mumbai engaged listeners in an innovative activity by urging them to send washed and dried ‘aam ki guthliya’ (mango seeds) which could then be sent to farmers in Maharashtra for the purpose of cultivation. Radio City Mumbai’s RJ Harshit and RJ Palak in their fun and quirky manner on the show, City ka ‘Double Decker’ as well as through short videos were able to generate a widespread response, resulting in 41,000 seeds being delivered to farmers all across the state.
Through their heartening content, superhit duo RJ Harshit and RJ Palak were able to communicate the farmers’ needs for mango seeds, with mangos being the prime fruit of the season. They along with other RJ’s of Radio City Mumbai, effectively captured the extraordinary impact a small thoughtful deed can have and motivated their listeners to contribute to the noble cause. Radio City also amplified the iniative on social media by posting short videos and building up the momentum of garnering listeners to respond to this call for transforming the lives of farmers.
Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City said, At Radio City, we believe in expanding our role and responsibility as the harbinger of positive change in society. We carefully curate refreshing and innovative content that strikes a responsive chord with millions of people and acts as a catalyst for change. Through our Aam Ke Aam, Guthliyon ke Daam campaign with Mission Green Mumbai, we aimed to sow the seeds for a bright, fruitful and sustainable future by giving back to mother nature and to farmers who are the heart and soul of the nation.”
The world has been squarely centered on the deadly virus since 2020, declining focus on key areas like the conservation of mother nature. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has impacted communities, businesses, and economies alike. While it has marred the cities, it has also had a significant effect on rural India. The activity undertaken in the month of June 2021 helped in providing farmers with a sustainable income, who are always on the lookout for necessary raw materials in the form of seeds for cultivation. Radio City’s conscious efforts to highlight their plight of farmers made this activity a reckoning success.


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