Mumbai – After the releasing his EP Fungeet, Abhijeet Srivastava releases another upbeat track with IndieA Records, “Buri Nazar,” in collaboration Aanchal Tyag. This peppy new song is about protecting and cherishing someone you love.
“Buri Nazar” with its lyrics express the desire to shield a loved one from negativity and prying eyes, and the catchy refrain, “Tumko buri si har nazar se bacha lu, Akhiyo me tumko lu chupa,” beautifully encapsulates the essence of this a cute love story.
The music video takes viewers on an enchanting journey of love and protection, all wrapped in a heart-warming narrative. It tells a compelling story that reflects the challenges and uncertainties of contemporary relationships. In an era of modern dating and “situationships,” Anchal Tyagi who is the protagonist of the video finds solace and unwavering love in their beloved pet, a loyal companion who serves as their one true love.
As the narrative unfolds, the artist is on a mission to save their precious pet from the malevolent influence of “Buri Nazar,” a superstitious concept that signifies the evil eye or negative energy. The video takes the audience on a visually stunning and emotionally resonant journey, filled with symbolism and metaphors, portraying the lengths people are willing to go to protect the ones they hold dear.
Aanchal Tyagi’s soothing and melodious vocals combined with Abhijeet Srivastava’s innovative production create a musical synergy that is bound to leave a lasting impression. Their collaboration on “Buri Nazar” is a harmonious blend of talent and creativity, promising to resonate with audiences of all ages.
Taking on the release of ‘Buri Nazar’ Abhijeet Srivastava added, “We believe that ‘Buri Nazar’ has a unique charm that sets it apart from the rest. The concept of the song is pretty intriguing as we all can relate to it. We all have someone or other we care dearly for and no matter what we want them to stay away from the evil’s eye. This beautiful melody with lyrics encapsulates the same with an extremely cute metaphoric music video packaged with it.”
“Music has the incredible ability to evoke deep emotions and connect people through shared experiences,” said Aanchal Tyagi. “With ‘Buri Nazar,’ the aim for to bring forth storytelling through music and visuals, creating an emotional and relatable experience for fans worldwide. It’s a song that’s both meaningful and peppy, and we hope it leaves a lasting impact.”
Listeners can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Abhijeet Srivastava and Aanchal Tyagi’s music by tuning in and experiencing the magic of “Buri Nazar.”

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