AVA Group donates Remote Patient Monitoring units to South India Medical Colleges


Chennai: A.V Anoop, the Managing Director of AVA Group and the former Chairman of World Malayalee Council donated the equipment, Staces, as a part of their corporate social responsibility. The product was made available at Omanthurar Medical College, Stanley Medical College and Kilpauk Medical College in Chennai, all three known for their impeccable service provided amidst the pandemic. The main challenge in coping up with the covid pandemic has always been the chances of the health workers getting infected by the disease. This particular equipment tackles this very challenge faced by the medical world. Staces is a remote patient monitoring unit, an equipment that allows the collection of all necessary medical details of the patient without actually maintaining any direct contact with the patient. It allows Doctors and Nurses to know the five most important Health conditions of a patient, including Heart rate, ECG and Respiration, remotely from a smartphone or laptop. It also detects the lowering of oxygen content in the blood and also provides warnings in case of deteriorating health conditions of the patient.

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