YouTube updates terms of service from – 1 June 2021


YouTube has updated its Terms of Service effective from June 1 for countries outside of the United State. The new terms of service came to effect for users in the US in November last year.
The updates include certain specific changes regarding the facial recognition data and YouTube’s monetization policy. YouTube in its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on its official site has explained in detail the updated terms of service. The largest video sharing platform in the world periodically updates its policies to meet the needs of its partners, advertisers and viewers.
Transparency and restrictions on the collection of facial recognition data
The Terms of Service states collection of any information that might identify a person without their permission is not permitted. Though the earlier terms have always included facial recognition information, the new terms have clearly defined the same to make it even more transparent.
Transparency on rights to run advertisements
YouTube runs advertisements on videos, the homepage masthead, and in various search results too. The platform now clarifies that revenue payments from YouTube will be considered royalty payments from a US tax perspective. Google will withhold taxes from these payments as required by law.
YouTube’s right to monetize
The platform has initiated the process of serving advertisements on a limited set of brand-safe videos on channels, not in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) or not under a monetizing agreement. Though there is no revenue sharing model from these ads, creators are encouraged to apply for the YPP provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria which remains unchanged.
Does this affect existing YPP monetization settings?
No. These updates will not affect any YPP monetization settings. Any partner outside of the US should submit complete tax information in Google AdSense. This will determine if any withholding tax applies to their payments.
Is this connected to the European Union Copyright Directive or GDPR?
There is no connection with the European Union Copyright Directive or GDPR. YouTube is following US laws and adhering to the same.
Does this change norms regarding privacy or data?
YouTube on its official website has mentioned that it values and protects the data of every user and there have been no changes to the way the data and privacy information of the users are treated.
Furthermore, all users are advised to review their privacy settings and manage data and personalization by visiting their Google Account.

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