Giorgia Andriani Slays In A Sheer Corset Top And Holographic Pink Pants- See Viral Photos


Giorgia Andriani Slays In A Sheer Corset Top And Holographic Pink Pants- See Viral Photos

Mumbai: Celebrity fashion is a no-holds-barred spectator sport. Fashion is a universal language, but style is the one individual expression that makes a fashionista a trendsetter. Infact, Bollywood beauties are known to cause some fireworks with their fashion choices. Giorgia Andriani continues to treat her followers with her stylish decisions, whether they are western, traditional, modern, or a whole lot of glamour!
Giorgia Andriani has a keen eye for fashion, and that can be seen through her sartorial choices. She always manages to bring the most fabulous dresses to the public eye. Once again, Giorgia swooned her fans as she uploaded some sensuous pictures on her social media, which set our screens on fire. Giorgia opted for a super trendy uber cool outfit. A sexy sheer crop top corset with a plunging neckline. But what caught our attention is the holographic pink pants that had a shinier effect. The actress paired this outfit with a statement heart choker and silver strappy heels. Talking about the makeup, Giorgia opted for some eye drama with pink eyeshadow, mascara and a winged eyeliner. She completed this look with a nude lipstick, black nailpaint and a half braided hairstyle.

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