Guru Randhawa and T-Series song ‘Doob Gaye’


Guru Randhawa, Jaani & B Praak revive love with Bhushan Kumar’s ‘Doob Gaye’ featuring Urvashi Rautela

Directed by the ace Remo D’Souza, the love ballad was recently shot in breezy Goa

Mumbai: Ever since Guru Randhawa and T-Series teamed up in 2015, together they have created several hits like Lahore, High Rated Gabru, Suit, Naach Meri Rani, and several more. The pop sensation now teams up with composer B Praak and lyricist Jaani for Bhushan Kumar’s new single ‘Doob Gaye’. The romantic ballad is directed by the acclaimed Remo D’Souza and also stars Urvashi Rautela, who shares screen space with Guru for the very first time.
Penned and composed by the duo who gave us hits like ‘Pachtaoge’ and ‘Besharam Bewaffa’, the love song shot in Goa isn’t just a visual treat showcasing a sweet love story and chemistry between Guru Randhawa and Urvashi Rautela but also a melodious treat that audiences will long remember.
Talking about getting the trio together, Bhushan Kumar says, “Doob Gaye revives emotions of being madly in love. The lyrics and melody by Jaani and B Praak, coupled with Guru Randhawa’s vocals are guaranteed to make this a hit with audiences.”
Talking about the song, Guru Randhawa says, “Doob Gaye gave me a chance to work with the talented Jaani and B Praak. Their compositions, lyrics make you fall in love and touch your heart. It was really fun working with Remo Sir again and Urvashi was a very supportive costar.. It’s the kind of track that everyone who is madly in love will relate to.”
Says composer B Praak, “Doob Gaye is a song made with a lot of love…the music just flows and the melody is pure.”
Adds lyricist Jaani, “Whenever I write, it comes from a personal space so I’m confident that people will relate to everything that’s being conveyed in Doob Gaye.”
Actress Urvashi Rautela ecstatic about working with Guru says, “Guru Randhawa and I have been friends for a while now and I’m happy fans are loving our chemistry because it’s a reflection of our friendship off-screen. I have so much respect for Guru since he’s self-made so I was excited to be part of ‘Doob Gaye’. Bhushanji has been so kind to me by giving me this opportunity in the form of Doob Gaye. It was an honour to be directed by Remo D’Souza, who is so knowledgeable and whose work I’ve admired for so long. Doob Gaye will be another gem by a fantastic team of Jaani, B Praak, Guru, Remo Sir and T-Series.”



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