IFTPC expresses wholehearted support to Break the Chain-2 guidelines and fondly hope that initiative will definitely be successful


IFTPC has intimated to all the stakeholders in the industry to follow guidelines in true spirit and ensure that the spread of Corona is restricted totally. Accordingly, M&E industry will be closed for the next 15 days.

IFTPC appealed for the following from the CM Sh Uddhav Thackeray

Mumbai: The post-production work which is done in a studio facility in a closed environment be allowed to function, so that the already shot portions of the content are edited and completed for final broadcasting. The telecast of fresh episodes is essential to keep the people who are forced indoors due to the lockdown are entertained with fresh contents. This will reduce their anxiety and depression to considerable effect.
There are many sets which are already being built will become unserviceable due to the closure and the Producers will have to suffer huge losses. To avoid the same, setting work may be allowed to continue just as you have allowed construction workers subject the workers being allowed to stay at the set with all precautions. This will also help the workers who are largely migrant workers to get a safe abode and wages in these difficult times.
The financial package announced by you to the needy doesn’t mention the M&E workers, technicians and actors who are basically daily wage earners. We would request you to kindly include these helpless workers and actors in your scheme. If required we can share the list of such workers and actors with full details. Please note small time actors especially in regional space earn pittance in wages.As you have emphasized the need for vaccination of all workers, a vaccination centers at the Film City and in Mira- Bhayander region specially catering to Film & TV workers will be highly appreciated. Any help in this matter will be provided by IFTPC
“We believe the fight with the dreaded Corona will be a long drawn one. Hence, we already have started working on the same and will submit a detailed operational plan for the industry in coming days. Though we fully support the present lockdown we request a meeting with you to chalk out a plan in case the government decides to extend the present lockdown. Considering the contribution of the industry for the wellbeing of people by providing quality entertainment in these tiring situations, we should actually be considered as frontline workers. Since the working conditions and format is akin to news channel, we shall also be treated on par as an essential service. We reiterate that we fully support you and will follow the guidelines in a true spirit and earnestly request you to kindly accept our request as above and oblige” says Mr. JD Majethia (Convenor-CCMEI) -Chairman (TV-WEB) IFTPC

Members of the Co-ordination Committee:
Mr. JD Majethia (Convenor-CCMEI) -Chairman (TV-WEB) IFTPC, Dr. Amol Kolhe MP, Mr. Aadesh Bandekar
Mr. Gaurav Banerjee- Star TV, Mr. Danish Khan-Sony TV, Mr. Amit Shah-Zee TV, Ms. Manisha Sharma-Colors
Mr. TP Agarwal-President, IMPPA, Mr. Sangram Shirke-President, WIFPA, Mr. Nitin Vaidya-Director-IFTPC,
Mr. Nitin Tej Ahuja-CEO, PGI, Mr. Ashoke Pandit-President-IFTDA, Mr. Ashoke Dube-Gen Secretary-FWICE, & Mr. Amit Behl-Sr. Jt. Secretary-CINTAA.


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