Karan Vohra makes an entry as Dabang ACP Rahgav Shastri in COLORS’ Pinjara Khubsurti Ka


Mumbau: COLORS’ popular show Pinjara Khubsurti Ka has been enthralling viewers with its exciting storyline and is known to introduce some dramatic characters ever so often to spice up the narrative. The leading lady Mayura, (played by Riya Sharma), has come a long way in her life and faced several challenges as she found her true strength. Omkar (played by Sahil Uppal), too, has learned his lessons and has evolved when it comes to his obsession with beauty. His attitude towards Mayura, too, has changed and now he sees her in a different light. In the current track of the show, Omkar solves the puzzle by Vishakha and rushes towards the Haveli to save Tara. Later, Vishaka lures Mayura to the haveli in order to create a misunderstanding between Mayura and Omkar. Mayura falls for it and believes that Omkar had kept Tara. She is also angry at him for pretending to be blind all this time. She shouts at Omkar and rushes Tara to the hospital.
Adding to all this drama will be actor Karan Vora who will play the character of a super cop named Raghav Shastri. Raghav is an attractive and entertaining personality who is in love with Mayura since childhood. His entry in Mayura’s life will bring a lot of complications between Omkar and Mayura.Talking about his role in the show, Karan says, “I am excited to play Raghav Shastri, a police officer, who is not your normal cop. He has a very gruff, dabangg personality, but also has a fun side to him, and I like such characters. Raghav is madly in love with Mayura and he will do all he can to win her trust and ultimately her affection. I’m sure that fans will see a refreshing change in the character that I am playing this time around and I hope they will appreciate how I take this role ahead. I can assure them that Raghav will definitely bring a lot of drama in Omkar and Mayura’s life.
To know more, watch Pinjara Khubsurti Ka every Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm only on COLORS

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