Madhya Pradesh : Kimirica launches its first-ever Gifting Studio Indore


Kimirica launches its first-ever Gifting Studio: Enjoy a truly elegant and personalized Gifting Experience

Indore : Kimirica has strengthened its retail presence with the addition of a new gifting studio in the city of Indore. The store opening has been strategically planned and launched just in time for the festive season to make thoughtful gifting a seamless experience. Customers can immerse themselves in a unique gifting experience with luxury bath, body & skin care products as well as an array of personalization options like exquisite gift boxes, and chic little details like charms, ribbons, cards and much more. When it comes to celebrating our cherished bonds, the gifts we choose help us convey our love and delight our favorite people. Selecting the perfect gift is an experience in itself as every little detail conveys the effort and thoughtfulness behind it. Kimirica’s Gifting Studio makes this experience more personal and joyful both for the one buying the gift and the one who is receiving it.
“We have thoughtfully selected the location of this store to be Kalpataru. While it is accessible and beautiful, you’d be surprised to know that the word Kalpataru finds its origins in mythology. Kalpavriksha (कल्पवृक्ष) also known as Kalpataru, is a wish-fulfilling divine tree in various religions. And rightly so, Kimirica’s Gifting Studio in Kalpataru is your one-stop destination for buying the most wished-for gifts for your loved ones,” says Kimi Jain, co-founder of Kimirica.
“When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, buying gifts online is convenient, but the process can leave you feeling devoid of that personal touch and experience,” says Mohit Jain, director, and co-founder of Kimirica. “The Kimirica Gifting Studio at Kalpataru transforms gift-giving with unique and beautiful personalizations. These thoughtful details really allow the gift-giver to experience giving their gift from the heart.”
Kimirica is transforming and elevating the experience of gifting this festive season. The studio is ultra-modern, luxurious, and spacious, and Kimirica brings inspired attention to detail, including a signature fragrance and a music selection curated personally by Kimi Jain, co-founder of Kimirica. She says, “We are passionate about delivering the highest quality gifting experience to our customers and believe that every ‘moment’ is an opportunity to build connections with them, helping them strengthen bonds with their loved ones through thoughtful gifting. We want our customers to not just come to our store to purchase luxury gift sets and plant-based skin care, but to stay for the inviting warmth and to return again for the fulfilling experience.”
For a generation that lives a busy life, everyone looks forward to celebrating special occasions. Gifts that make your loved ones feel special also strengthen bonds and make these celebrations merrier. Being a thoughtful brand, Kimirica wishes to help make these occasions truly special, which is why the doors to the Gifting Studio will stay open from 11 am to 12 am throughout the week to make your gifting experience more convenient and accessible. Now you can shop stress-free even if you wish to buy a last-minute surprise gift for a loved one.

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