“MAHAYOGI Highway 1 to Oneness,” release on March 8 2024


“MAHAYOGI Highway 1 to Oneness,” release on March 8 2024

HL- Divine Harmony Unleashed

Mumbai: In a cosmic twist set to unfold on Maha Shivratri, brace yourselves for “MAHAYOGI Highway 1 to Oneness,” a celestial cinematic experience promising to bridge humanity’s divides. Rajan Luthra, the mastermind behind this divine spectacle, brings forth a message straight from the heavens, delivered by Mahayogi, the celestial messenger.
In a world marred by conflicts and chaos, “MAHAYOGI” is more than a film; it’s a beacon of hope, urging humanity to discard the shackles of discrimination and embrace love, unity, and global harmony. All India distribution of this Hollywood movie is done by the visionary Rakesh Sabharwal of Prince Movies, unfolding a narrative where gods converge and the interconnectedness of all beings is celebrated.
As our planet grapples with natural fury and societal discord, “MAHAYOGI” offers a cosmic intervention, reminding us that the true essence of God resides within. Rajan Luthra’s vision transcends mere entertainment; it’s a call to awaken from the deep slumber of division.
Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, from tears of anguish to tears of joy, as “MAHAYOGI Highway 1 to Oneness” takes you on a celestial journey of self-discovery. The countdown to Kaliyuga’s end has begun, and this cinematic masterpiece is your ticket to usher in the Satyuga of love, respect, and peace. Are you prepared for the divine revelation on March 8? The universe is watching, and so should you.

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