Malaysia : The Mirrored Beauty of Tasik Cermin


Malaysia : The Mirrored Beauty of Tasik Cermin

Malaysia : Escape from the bustling city to this serene lake in Ipoh. Hidden amongst majestic limestone hills, the lake at Tasik Cermin is a sight to behold for the unique mirror-like effect that it gives off. Journey through the tunnels by boat and be prepared to be transported to a state of utter calm by the stunning views of the ‘mirror lake’, reflecting the enchanting sights of the hills and trees that surround it.
Located near Gunung Rapat in Ipoh, Tasik Cermin can be found at the foot of some famous limestones of the city. This extraordinary lake is named Tasik Cermin after its beautiful reflection and it is due to its uniqueness that it was named one of the many geoparks by the Malaysian government.
There are two main lakes in Tasik Cermin; Tasik Cermin 1 Mirror Lake and Tasik Cermin 2 Hidden World. Hop onto boats that will take you on a great adventure through tunnels and past magnificent hills to capture the beauty of the lake. The ideal time to visit Tasik Cermin is in the morning, as the reflections are best viewed when the morning sun is at its brightest.
Things to do at Tasik Cermin
Tasik Cermin is home to numerous attractions for you to check out during your visit, the highlights being the two lakes, Tasik Cermin 1 and Tasik Cermin 2, which are a must-visit.
To reach Tasik Cermin 1 Mirror Lake, you will have to walk through a 90-metre mining tunnel. Fun fact: this limestone tunnel was once a former mining tunnel, which is now over 100 years old.
Soon as you exit the tunnel, you will be greeted by a glorious view of a wide lake surrounded by rolling green hills. Be sure to opt for the boat ride to journey along the lakeside trail, passing picture-perfect spots and to catch a glimpse of limestone karst. Each boat ride along Tasik Cermin 1 takes approximately 20 minutes.



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