MX Player enables users to stream HD video with 50+% lower data usage with H.266


Mumbai: Online video consumption in India has grown exponentially, accounting for 80% of consumer internet traffic. But the user experience continues to remain highly dependent on data usage and network speed. MX Player, India’s entertainment super-app with over 200 million Monthly Active Users has become the first OTT platform to upgrade it’s video encoding & compression technology to H.266 (Versatile Video Coding) that slashes data usage for streaming videos by more than half. MX Player as well as MX TakaTak users will be the first in the world to experience the benefits of H.266, enabling them to consume higher quality HD video streams with significantly less data consumption.
With H.266, MX Player users will be able to stream more content with less data and network bandwidth – video streams will load faster and buffer less since they require only half (or less) the data it would need otherwise. H.266/VVC is the world’s most advanced video codec designed to succeed H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC used by most of the streaming video services worldwide today. Unlike its competitors, the H.266 upgrade makes MX Player the first OTT platform in the world to deploy this technology.

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