Roots Entertainment presents Rupali Jagga’s “Majboor” ft. Rupali Jagga and Amardeep Phogat


“Majboor” combines all the feelings of love and makes it extremely special. It scorches through the soul in the most touching way possible.
How can one not waltz down the dancefloor arm-in-arm with their beau, swaying harmoniously on “Majboor” Roots Entertainment’s USP lies in bringing quality music to its listeners. Each better than the previous one!
Vibhaas who has given the music says “I love making music. It is my profession but it is my passion too. Majboor is my best work so far. I had a vision, I had to go back and forth but finally got it right. I hope audience loves it as much as we do”
Rupali Jagga quotes
“Majboor” is very close to my heart as it has pain, love,happiness and everything a song need! Have sung it with all my heart . Its a life time story packed in 3 minutes..Give all your love to it ❤️”
Amardeep Phogat quote “Majboor’ this song is really close to my heart as it has all the elements a beautiful short video requires. Also the act was very challenging because I have never had alcohol in my life so it was a real test of my ability and I did give it my 100% and yes the team also helps you give your best and in this case the whole team, music and my co-actor/singer, everyone was like very good. I just hope that everyone likes it”
Jay Parikh, director of the song says “A directors job is to create a vision for the emotions the music makes us feel .Artistically shot with beautiful performances by the cast helped me tell my story in beautifully woven frames . The story telling is simple yet strong which will awaken an emotional response from the audiences doing justice to the music”Rakesh Tayal says “Majboor is a song what today’s music is missing. Musically and lyrically rich. We hope the audience loves it as much as we do”
Music- Vibhaas, Directed by Jay Parikh, Lyrics- Prince, Produced by- Sweety Kapoor, Special thanks to Rakesh Tayal.

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