Shilpa Shetty Transcript Super Dancers Chapter 4

Mumbai: Actor and fitness enthusiast Shilpa Shetty Kundra is certainly one of the most sought after and loved judges on Indian television. The actor is glad that her association with Super Dancer franchise continues even after three blockbuster seasons. This Holi, Sony Entertainment Television presents, one of the biggest kids dance reality shows, Super Dancer – Chapter 4. With the show on the anvil, Shilpa Shetty Kundra talks about this season’s theme, the talent on the show and her crackling camaraderie with her co-judges. Excerpts below.

How excited are you to be back as a judge for Super Dancer Chapter 4?
It’s such an exciting feeling! It’ is India’s most loved children’s dance show and I’m thrilled to be back to witness these incredibly talented kids. I truly missed being on the sets.

What is the concept  behind this year’s theme, Nachpan Ka Tyohaar?
“Nachpan Ka Tyohar” is all about celebrating the talent and ingenuity of these incredible kids. We will be embarking on this journey around Holi, which makes the celebrations double. The theme is playful and I am sure people across the world are going to love it.

Super Dancer has setting a benchmark in bringing in fresh talent every year – what’s your take?
Honestly, I feel it’s such a great platform for budding dancers. With a show like ‘Super Dancer’, so many get the opportunity to showcase and improve their talent on a national level, which is wonderful.

Tell us something about this year’s contestants in the audition round?
I think every year there’s something more and new. It’s exciting that we get to witness this starting the auditions. The contestants this time have really surprised me with their ingenuity, humour, discipline and their inspiration behind it. They’ve all put so much heart and soul to their acts, it’s not easy to shortlist but we had to choose the best amongst the best.

Last year, everyone saw great rapport between the judges, Geeta Kapur, Anurag Basu and you, what should the audience expect this season?
Ah, I can’t reveal that but it’s definitely going bigger than anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s double the fun and I believe the audiences will have a blast watching the show.. will be worth the wait.

What do you have to say about the hosts – Rithvik Dhanjani and Mamaji and their equation?
They’re so wonderful, sweet and talented. We couldn’t have asked for better hosts. We all have so much love and adoration for them, it’s truly amazing to have them with us in this journey.

What according to you is Super Se Bhi Uperrr performance?
Ha ha… It’s something totally jhakaas and full of masala and entertainment. There’s nothing beyond a Super Se Bhi Uperrr performance for me.

What are the challenges of being a judge in a kids reality show?
They’re all so cute and talented that it becomes very hard to rate their performances. Wish we could give them all 10/10.

Since you’re a fashion and fitness icon, everyone looks forward to seeing your amazing attires every episode, what’s your look this season?
For me, style is all about keeping it quirky and comfy. More of dresses and sarees. Rest, can’t reveal much, you’ve to watch the show to see my looks.

Your Sunday Binge is very famous amongst viewers. Any plans of starting something new like this on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 4?
Ha ha! Love the idea, I might just do it. Already thinking of my deserts now.

Any message/advice for the contestants?
Just want to send them loads of love and good wishes. I want them to always remember that they’re all winners in their own special way.

The show will air every Sat-Sun at 8:00pm followed by Indian Idol at 9:30pm

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