Sony Pictures Networks’ – ‘The Go-Beyond Podcast’ looks at life from the lens of the icons of inspiration


Adhering to the brand’s corporate philosophy, the podcast offers listeners insightful stories of experienced minds from across different walks of life

Mumbai: Sony Pictures Networks India is the first major Indian broadcast company to venture into audio streaming with the ‘Go-Beyond Podcast’. The specially curated podcast celebrates individuals who have been exemplary in dealing with the cards that life dealt them.
Launched in SPN’s 25th year anniversary month, so
far this podcast has featured eleven eminent guests from different walks of life. The guest line-up ahead is just as exciting and varied. The podcast capsules are a conversational amalgam of laughter, wit, insights, and inspiration.Over the last twenty-five years, Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) has played a pivotal role in shaping India’s entertainment ecosystem. Addressing the needs of an ever-evolving audience, the brand has crafted genre traversing experiences, adding a host of pioneering firsts to its credit.
Well-known personalities with remarkable journeys and stories across sports, literature, business, entertainment, history, and the culinary arts, to name a few, have already graced SPN’s ‘Go-Beyond Podcast’. These guests include renowned names such as Chef Amrita Raichand, Actor and Comedian Ash Chandler, Former Australian Cricketer Jason Gillespie, Environmentalist Bittu Sahgal, Author Samit Basu, and Historian Vikram Sampath, amongst others.
The Go-Beyond’ podcast is not just a value add to SPN’s diverse content bouquet, but also enables the brand to foray into a segment that is surging in India with more people opting for digital audio streaming. According to a PWC Report India is the third-largest podcast market,
after China and the US and is estimated to reach 17.61 million listeners by 2023.
N.P. Singh, Managing Director and Chief Executive officer (CEO), Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN):
“As the digital audio craze continues to explode, ‘The Go-Beyond Podcast’ creates deeper engagement with audiences by bringing to the fore real-life stories and insights of achievers who braved small or big limitations to resonate with success. SPN has a pioneering history of creating compelling content across formats and platforms, and the Go-Beyond Podcast is our endeavour to both inspire and entertain a global listener-base.”
The Go-Beyond Podcast has listeners across global platforms. To listen to the podcast, you can log on to or listen on:

• Apple Podcasts (

• Spotify (

• Google Podcasts (

• Amazon Music: (

• Stitcher (

• JioSaavn (

• Gaana (

• iHeartRadio (

For more information, log onto

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