“The Married Woman”, a story of same gender love by ALTBalaji garners kudos and adulation from international waters!

Mumbai:  ALTBalaji’s urban relationship drama, The Married Woman is now the pride of the country. With its innovative storyline, fantastic acting, the amazing camera presence of the actors, and memorable dialogues, the married woman has secured its place as one of the top shows on OTT platforms the world over. Accolades have poured in from fans and critics from every corner of the world right from the premiere.   This series adapted from ‘warrior with a pen’, Manju Kapur’s book ‘A Married Woman’ has received as much appreciation as the bestselling novel itself, if not more. The author herself was thrilled to have her book reproduced as a series and was extremely thrilled with the outcome, so were her fans which is rare for avid readers proving that this series is one of a kind.The numbers surrounding the show are unbelievable, for lack of a better word. With over 6 million viewers within the country, India and over a hundred thousand viewers spread out over four other major countries of the world including the United States of America, Canada, Pakistan, and Australia and not even taking into account the rest of the world the show is a massive success. The United States of America alone had over sixty-seven thousand viewers, over twenty-two thousand viewers in Australia, over twenty-one thousand viewers in Pakistan, and over twenty thousand viewers in Canada.
A source from ALTBalaji said, “This humongous fan following is attributed to the audience being able to relate to the show and draw parallels even in today’s scenario. Things like this are what makes a show great.”
This urban relationship drama is the pride of the nation, still trending long after its release. The story centers around two beautiful women Astha and Peeplika. Astha is a beautiful person, but the full force of who she is is chained because of society’s pressures until she meets Aijaz and Peeplika, who give her an entirely different perspective on life. Bing-watch the 11 episodes with splendid performances by Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Imaad Shah, and Suhaas Ahuja, amongst others.

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