USA : Global Film & Music Festival, International glory for singer Shibani Kashyap


Mumbai: Well deserved! Singer Shibani Kashyap carved her name on the trophy of “Best Female Playback Singer & Performer (International)” at the Global Film & Music Festival She has managed to bring a whole generation of fans under a spell. And with her enigmatic personality she makes for the most-adored singing sensation today. Kashyap’s undeniable talent has brand her as a singing superstar. But talent aside, she has had pivotal moments throughout her career that have ultimately shaped her to become the icon that she is today. Shibani remains the gold standard for playback singing in India and has over the years proved that there is no one like her.“I am truly honoured to be nominated alongside so many luminaries and winning an award feel surreal. It takes fraction of a second for someone to announce your name as a winner but it take life time of hardwork to win that award. Thank you so much” says Shibani Kashyap

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