Actor Pratik Deshmukh speaks of moving on in Yash Narvekar & AKASA’s Yaad Na Aana


Mumbai: Renowned for his work in the Marathi entertainment industry, Pratik Deshmukh arrives on the independent music scene with the message of moving on after a breakup. After featuring in ventures such as Ajooni (upcoming), Gol gol gara gara, Judgement and Shubh Lagna Savdhan, the handsome actor headlined the video of the hit song, Yaad Na Aana by Yash Narvekar and AKASA. The breakup song has garnered tremendous love from the listeners and lifted the spirits of those trying to move on. Commenting on the popularity of the song . Pratik says, “Breakups are tough. Most of us have been here. No matter why it didn’t work out, it is never easy to let bygones be bygones. The song captures that feeling where you know your life is bigger than the relationship and it’s time to let go”
He adds, “It takes great amount of maturity to end a relationship on a cordial note and that’s what the song is about. My experience of working on it has been fantastic. I’m very happy to be part of independent music through this song. Kudos to Yash Narvekar for his music.”
Yaad Na Aana has been sung by Yash Narvekar and AKASA composed and written by the Yash, with drop melody by Taaruk, live guitars by Charan and Roland Fernandes and with music supervision and live music arrangement and production by Amaal Mallik.
Released by Sony Music India and directed by Sarthak and Bhargav, Yaad Na Aana features actors Pratik Deshmukh and Srishti Ganguli Rindani and it is available on all streaming platforms.

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