ALTBalaji’s blockbuster series of self journey, The Married Woman, is now available for Amazon Alexa users


Mumbai: The Married Woman has been making headlines and creating waves amongst all sections of society in the country. People everywhere were waiting for an opportunity to watch the show. With the new features being available on Amazon Alexa, all one needs to do is say the magic words “Alexa, Play The Married Woman” and can be lost under the spell of the beautiful show’s dialogues, songs and many more creative oneliners.
It is no secret that the story, the screenplay, the dialogues and the acting in this brilliant show are to die for. With its alternative narrative, the Married Woman seems to be here to overthrow the conditioning that society puts on every individual. Connecting more digital platform users to this marvellous show, ALTBalaji, India’s leading home-grown OTT platform, has collaborated with Amazon Alexa where, the users can access the The Married Woman’s Inspirational dialogues,songs and many other creative one-liners. Accolades have been pouring in for this beautiful story from all over the world as well as Ridhi Dogra’s and Monica Dogra’s acting and portrayal of the characters were beguiling.
The show, set in the 1990s with inter-caste violence in the background, successfully attempts to tell the story of two women Astha and Peeplika, who are stuck in heartbreak and tragedy but end up finding each other and hence discovering themselves as well. The series is nothing short of a spell-binding journey as the characters are deeply etched in your mind.
Amazon India is working with collaborators to expand Alexa’s India-focused skills, and ALTBalaji is very proud to be one of the early adopters to get on to the platform. The command to start watching the show plays the show for the audience, giving them an overview of the show and what can be expected. It also gives viewers access to the trailer, the soundtrack and other interesting facts and details about the show.
Divya Dixit, SVP – Marketing and Revenue at ALTBalaji, said, “Tying up with a market leader like Amazon Alexa will help us expand our reach to a larger audience and enable ALTBalaji to make it accessible to larger global audiences. While this shows has already been widely acclaimed by critics and masses alike, with additional reach through Amazon Alexa, we expect the fanbase to grow stronger. The Married Woman seems as if it will continue to be one of the top trending shows this year.”
The lead actor in the series, Ridhi Dogra shares her thoughts on the collaboration, “The Married woman is a series that is so dear to me. The success of the show wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of the viewers. I am so excited that more people now gain access to the beautiful story with ALTBalaji’s partnership with Amazon Alexa. I look forward to hearing more of how the audience loved the show”
Building on the legacy of creating iconic shows, ALTBalaji’s exclusive content library has built a library of over 79 Originals like ‘The Married Woman’, ‘Apharan 2,’ ‘Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu’, ‘The Test Case 2’, ‘Crashh’ among others. Making it one of the largest content banks in the world, which continues to be lauded by audiences everywhere.

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