‘Anchal Sahu has been roped in to play the role of grown up Bondita!’


~COLORS popular show, Barrister Babu takes an 8 year leap~

● COLORS’ popular show Barrister Babu has time and again highlighted aspects of social stigmas such as child marriage, importance of education and issues related to girl child and the fact how menstruation shouldn’t be a taboo anymore. This unique storyline has captivated viewers ever since the show began.
● Bondita’s simple questions have always challenged patriarchy , she tackled and won over some really tough challenges with the help of her Sakha Babu Anirudh
● Now, Bondita’s life is about to take an interesting and dramatic turn as Barrister Babu will take an 8-year leap
● Instead of a giggling little girl, the audience will witness a confident, grown-up Bondita, who has achieved both Anirudh and her dream of becoming a Barrister as she returns to her village with a degree in hand!
● The beautiful and talented actress, Anchal Sahu has been roped in to play the character of the grown up Bondita
● Talking about her role as Bondita, Anchal said, “Bondita is such a beautifully written character set in such a lovely story that the bar has been set already very high for me! Bondita has been immensely loved and appreciated by the audience and it is going to be quite a task to play this amazing role, but I am up for it and extremely excited to set out on this new journey. This is my first association with COLORS and I feel blessed to get the opportunity to work with them. I hope my fans too love me in this new avatar as the feisty, Barrister Babu!”
● To know more please watch Barrister Babu every Monday to Saturday at 8.30 pm only on COLORS!

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