Catch all the action from the 66th Vimal Elaichi Filmfare Awards 2021 on Facebook and Instagram


Fans will have access to the award ceremony and exclusive content including red-carpet action, behind-the-stage fun and performance rehearsals

Mumbai: Facebook today announced that it has partnered with Worldwide Media to provide fans access to the 66th Vimal Elaichi Filmfare Awards 2021 on Facebook Watch and Instagram globally. Through this partnership, fans across the globe will be able to catch the simulcast of the awards on April 11th, 2021 at 12PM IST on Facebook Watch and engage with their favourite celebrities and moments from the awards on Instagram.
The audience will be able to catch their favourite celebrity performances along with exclusive video-on-demand engaging content including the red-carpet action, behind-the-stage fun,performance rehearsals, and many more entertaining moments on Facebook and Instagram. Adding to this immersive experience, fans will also have access to specially curated content by some of the biggest stars on Facebook Watch and entertaining Reels from celebrities including Sara Ali Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Nora Fatehi, Sunny Leone among others.
Manish Chopra, Director and Head of Partnerships, Facebook India said, “Our mission at Facebook is to bring the world closer together through content that resonates with people. Movies have a unique power to build and connect communities in an engaging way and are extremely popular among our users on Facebook and Instagram. With our platforms being home to the country’s biggest moments and pop culture, we are excited to partner with Filmfare to not only bring people together around the biggest celebration of cinema but also engage people with interactive content and exclusive red-carpet moments from the awards on Facebook Watch and Instagram Reels.”
Speaking about Filmfare and Facebook’s association, Deepak Lamba, CEO, Worldwide Media, said, “We are glad to offer today’s digital-first audiences a view of the FIlmfare Awards in an interactive and engaging format through Facebook and Instagram. This longstanding partnership sets the stage for the global fans to come together and get an exclusive view of the performances and accolades that headlined this year’s award ceremony. Following the mandated safety precautions, we shot the performances and held the ceremony behind closed doors, in a safe and private environment.”

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