Karan Khandelwal gets injured while making an Instagram Reel


Mumbai : On social media, Instagram reels is a new and catchy way to create short entertaining videos for your fans. From Bollywood to TV celebrities everyone is becoming a creator and experimenting with reels. Actor and dancer Karan Khandelwal who is presently seen in Dangal TV’s Ranju Ki Betiyaan, has also been using the platform to showcase his creativity and dance skills. Recently, Karan shares how he accidentally got injured while making a reel.
Sharing about the incident, Karan says, “We have an artist in the show who makes a lot of reels by trying different things. Motivated by him, I thought of trying something similar. But what I didn’t realize was that I had a mike attached to my back. When I jumped and rolled, I got hurt and felt immense pain in my back. I didn’t react and just went to my room. When Jeevansh (Chadha) came and asked what happened, he got so angry and said and I quote ‘Just for one reel why on earth did you put so much effort, thereby injuring yourself. If you were younger than me I swear I would have given you a good beating.’ Later Jeevansh took care of me and it felt really good that even if I am away from my family, there is someone here who worries and takes care of me. I have four brothers and now Jeevansh is like my fifth brother.”
We completely agree with Jeevansh Chadha. Showcasing your talent is necessary but taking care of oneself is more important.
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