coming today to grace the Grand Opening of BYJLI at Indore.


BYJLI is a unique format for electric mobility

Indore : Mad About Wheels is delighted to launch India’s first BYJLI store – a retail EV dealership, with a ready platform for charging infrastructure. BYJLI is a unique format for electric mobility, It’s a complete Phygital experience for the consumer; we call it a ‘Mark of Trust’. A brand agnostic and customer centric store, focused on channel profitability and, above all, delivering on a customers’ aspirations around Electric Mobility and ready solutions for charging.
It is India’s first such initiative, to collaborate with OEM’s and charging providers to create service values around the electric vehicle market, while leveraging the extended network reach of the fragmented Indian market. At BYJLI, we have created a unique Extended Warranty Program for Electric Two & Three-Wheelers in India, being pioneers in the segment with unmatched value for both customers as well as channel partners.
“Whether it be parts or service, both are integrated on a technology platform, which makes it easy to manage operations at the franchise level”, said Manish Kochhar, Co-founder, MAW.
Mad About Wheels shall play a key differentiator at each BYJLI store to drive business with a strong focus on the nascent yet growing EV market in the country. The company also launched their annual maintenance program today on their tech platform, along with their extended warranty offering, to provide customized services to its entire customer base. “By enabling brand access and retail dealerships pan-India, Mad About Wheels is capable of handling complex and large volumes of business efficiently”, said Amresh Khar, Co-founder, MAW.
Product range and battery charging are two important areas of focus for BYJLI. Along with preferred partners, BYJLI shall provide the most suitable 2 wheeler EVs for each individual, with a range of options from 60kms to 160kms, with easy financing, vehicle Insurance and a digital experience at our store . The starting product line will include Make in India Tuff, Eagle and the new bold with customized chassis.Charging stations for 2 Wheelers to 4 Wheelers, which are as compact as PODs, will be installed by experts at individual homes, parking lots in a society or at B2B delivery partner sites in partnership with EVRE and on-ground BYJLI partners.
BYJLI is not the competition, but rather an inherent part of the ecosystem that believes in experience delivered. BYJLI’s next launch shall happened shortly in South India.

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