OMVED: This Diwali, bask in the positivity with OMVED’s pristine and refreshing Ayurvedic Dhoops, Charcoal Tablets, Incense, Essential Oils & Diffuser Oils, and Candles, amongst others


OMVED: This Diwali, bask in the positivity with OMVED’s pristine and refreshing Ayurvedic Dhoops, Charcoal Tablets, Incense, Essential Oils & Diffuser Oils, and Candles, amongst others.

Mumbai : OMVED Therapies’ Aroma care products will quickly become a part of your essence this Diwali. They are #PureIndia and all set to restore your belief in the fact that self-care is not an expense, it is an investment. Self-care is all about living your life intentionally, purposefully, and consciously. And true beauty is when the within is in full harmony with the without. Adhering to this belief is OMVED, a Pure, Natural Personal Care Company, the legacy of which extends far beyond its date of creation.
The ‘OM’ in ‘OMVED’, stands for ‘absolute’ and ‘VED’ stands for ‘knowledge.’ The name ‘OMVED’ delivers one such powerful message. It reflects the philosophy of a company that is grounded and guided by an all-embracing awareness and is determined to create products that are good for you, and the earth as a whole.
At OMVED, each product is made in India with Love, 100% safe, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, Vegan, Cruelty-free, PETA certified, and eco-friendly in nature. OMVED sources and manufactures only with suppliers who operate on a fair trade basis, who have high ethical and moral values, who try to minimize their product’s impact on the environment and believe in an eco-friendly and an evergreen world. Apart from that, OMVED recycles everything, opts for only bio-degradable and recycled packaging, and uses water-based inks for printing out their labels and stationery.
With ‘Pure, Natural & Conscious Living’ as their motto, OMVED abides by the quote ‘when healing begins from within, beauty and wellness naturally follow.’ OMVED draws upon the healing traditions of India and is guided by their timeless wisdom. Their exquisite products nourish your body, nurture your mind and free your spirit. OMVED is committed to catering to a lifestyle and a long-term sense of self. Some of their best-selling products include Dhoops Charcoal Tablets, Blended Diffuser Oils, Baby Mustard Pillow, Baby Bib Compress, Shishu Ubtan, Mrudu Soap, Ubtan, Face and Hair Mask, Neck/Shoulder Wrap Compress, Breath Easy Eye Mask, and Buckwheat Pillow among others.
Adhering to the fact that Diwali, The Festival of Lights is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India, OMVED’s refreshing Aroma products will be a perfect fit which creates an enthralling and positive vibe. Diwali comes with the promise of colourful rangolis, faces full of sweets, homes full of gleaming diyas, candles, and lights, and basking in the cozy comfort of winter. Now imagine bringing in the celebrations with the perfect cherry on top – a house that smells of enchanting floral fragrances or ambrosial and detectable Sandalwood, all from OMVED THERAPIES!
Shedding a light on the inspiration behind starting a state-of-the-art venture like OMVED, Priti Mehta, Founder of Omved Lifestyle Pvt Ltd commented, “I founded Omved Lifestyle after the birth of my twin boys. I wanted safe, natural, and holistic wellness solutions for the enitre world so that they can heal from within. Having been brought up in India, I found the answer in 5,000-year-old Vedic traditions. Through my extensive collaboration with botanists, herbalists, chemists, aroma-therapists, and holistic health practitioners, Omved has and will continue to stay true to a very simple idea – Pure Natural Living.”
So what are you waiting for? Pamper yourself this festive season with OMVED Therapies’ refreshing Aroma Care and Personal Care products and reignite your faith in overall beauty and wellness.


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