I enjoy being part of producing and creating : Nashpreet Singh


I enjoy being part of producing and creating and not just consuming” says the next upcoming rising star: Nashpreet Singh, on stumbling upon anchoring and acting!

Mumbai: Every year, many gifted actors come into the industry with dreams of becoming a big star. And the Bollywood industry has always welcomed such brilliant actors with open arms. Nashpreet Singh is one such star who has won the audience’s love and attention for her outstanding performance alongside Ranveer Singh. And now this beauty opens up about her journey! Nashpreet Singh has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. All thanks to her exceptional performance, charm, and, well, good looks! The actor has been gaining popularity each day. While talking about her journey and if Bollywood was something she planned on doing, the actress said, “I didn’t choose it; I stumbled upon it. I left home to travel and discover more about myself, and along the way, I got opportunities that I said yes to. In the midst of all this, I realized, I enjoy being part of producing and creating and not just consuming. I want to stretch my mind, learn, and grow. Sports anchoring is not easy, and I really did struggle at the beginning, but the process was so enjoyable and satisfying. And acting is the same!”

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Without a doubt, Nashpreet is here to captivate the audience and rule Bollywood!
For the unversed, Nashpreet was a model by profession for 10 years and has worked all over the world for major brands and fashion events. Nashpreet was one of the anchors seen at the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Melbourne Cricket Ground during the T20 World Cup 2022 for the India Pakistan match as well as the match between India and the Netherlands. Nashpreet has had a rollercoaster Journey from being a model to a sports anchor and now to an actress, and it seems shes here to stay and rule millions of hearts!

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