India’s largest business growth platform- Avenue Growth joins battle against COVID; launches portal


Mumbai: The portal, launched jointly with FullEstop is expected to have real time verified information on crucial subjects like beds, oxygen, ambulances, medications and more
Rachit Mathur’s Avenue Growth is all set to help India win the battle against the unfortunate pandemic that has cost us millions of lives already. With India recording the highest number of cases (almost 3.23 lac cases) and fatalities crossing an alarming number, hospitals are facing a huge audience rush in need of life saving oxygen.
On the launch Rachit Mathur, CEO & Founder stated:
“In continuation to our efforts to make India WIN from Covid we are launching a dedicated portal You can check real time verified information on subjects that matter and easily look for availability of resources. We are also setting up a dedicated call center to help patients get help real time.Our Twitter handle is @wewillwinindia. For any information please message me or email me at”
JP Rout- COO Avenue Growth states:
“Together we need to win this fight and save our people. This portal is a step towards ensuring proper, real time information is provided to people so that no precious minutes are wasted.”
Because of the heavy load, oxygen supplies have run out and people are losing the battle against life. To help hospitals and the medical staff, Avenue Growth and FullEstop have launched this new portal to help provide real time verified information on :
1. Beds .
2 Oxygen
3. Concentrators
4. Medicines and Injections
5. Ambulances
6. Other ancillary services
Ashutosh Upadhayay- Chief Operating Officer at FullEstop said:
“ I feel the basic thing we can do right now is try everything in our power to help our fellowmen. We think that if there is real time information available for all these critical subjects, people can rush to places where medical care is available without wasting any time. That is our motto- save lives at any cost. This portal
We will WIN !!!
This initiative is sure to ease out the burden on the healthcare system and can help people with information on where beds are available without manually going and checking, hence saving lives.

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