Madhuri Dixit shakes a leg with all Dance Deewane contestants in a very special episode


Mumbai: COLORS Dance Deewane has seen some spectacular performances by the contestants. With their livewire, intense and exciting acts, every single contestant has garnered a massive fan following. However, in the upcoming episode, it was the original diva of dance, Madhuri Dixit, who will be seen setting the stage on fire with her killer moves! Whenever any contestant asked Madhuri if she would dance with them, the diva very graciously agreed to do so and matched steps with them. Piyush was the first one to request Madhuri for dance and she couldn’t decline his sweet gesture and joined him on stage for a very special performance on Chalak Chalak from Devdas. Not just Madhuri, even her co-judges Dharmesh Yelande and Tushar Kalia joined her and gave a spectacular performance. Later, all the Dance Deewane contestants joined Piyush and the judges on stage and set the stage on fire with their energy.Dilon ki rani a.k.a Madhuri also shook a leg with hip hop ki rani a.k.a Gunjan whose skills on the dance floor have been appreciated by all. Definitely, this has been a perfect week for Dance Deewane, not only did we witness some breath-taking acts by contestants but also some fiery moves of the much-loved judge, Madhuri Dixit. Tune in to COLORS this weekend, Saturday, and Sunday at 9 pm to watch the excitement unfold on Dance Deewane only on COLORS.



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