Monica Dogra hosts a special screening of ALTBalaji’s ‘The Married Woman’ in Los Angeles!

Monica Dogra A.K.A. Peeplika from ALTBalaji’s The Married Woman celebrates the show’s success with a private screening in Los Angeles!

Mumbai: Riding high on ALTBalaji’s The Married Woman’s humongous success, the lead actress Monica Dogra recently hosted a special screening of the show in Los Angeles for her friends and close ones. Currently stationed in the USA, Monica, who won huge accolades and critical acclaim for her dazzling portrayal of Peeplika in the show, arranged a special roof-top viewing for her friends, celebrating the show’s terrific success.Monica Dogra shared, “Some of my friends wanted to celebrate the success of ‘The Married Woman’ by setting up an outdoor theatre on their roof-top. Twenty-five of my dearest friends came, and we watched the first four episodes under the stars. Everyone was mesmerized by the show, the music, the acting, and the relevance of the show, given all the issues it connects to so delicately through the storyline. People from Australia, China, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Russia, America, and India were present at the screening, and they all loved it.”
The numbers surrounding the show are unbelievable, for the lack of a better word. With over 6 million viewers within the country, India and over a hundred thousand viewers spread out over four other countries of the world including, the United States of America, Canada, Pakistan, and Australia. The United States of America alone had over sixty-seven thousand viewers, over twenty-two thousand viewers in Australia, over twenty-one thousand viewers in Pakistan, and over twenty thousand viewers in Canada.
This urban relationship drama is the pride of the nation, still trending long after its release. The Married Woman centers around two beautiful women Aastha and Peeplika. Aastha is a lovely person, but she is chained with society’s pressures until she meets Peeplika, who gives her an entirely different perspective on life.
Binge-watch the 11 episodes of ‘The Married Woman’ with splendid performances by Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Imaad Shah, and Suhaas Ahuja, amongst others on ALTBalaji.

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