Super Dancer Chapter 4 Gets its ‘SUPER 13’ contestants


Mumbai : After three blockbuster seasons, Sony Entertainment Television’s popular kids dance reality show, Super Dancer is on air with its fourth Chapter. The new season, which started on a high note on March 27th, garnered rave reviews for its sheer variety of talent in the audition rounds. After screening some phenomenal contenders, Super Dancer Chapter 4 has got its Super 13 contestants! As the show has announced its final set of contestants, who will be competing in this dance journey to bag the precious title of ‘Super Dancer’.

The judges – Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu have selected exceptional top 13 contestants from across the nation whose journey the audience will get to see week on week going forward. With the guidance and tutelage of their super gurus (choreographers), these power-packed performers are gearing up to present some never-seen-before dance acts this season, as they put their best foot forward to win the trophy of ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’.

From the 13 contestants, Eesha Mishra and Amit Kumar, hail from Delhi. The eight-year-old Eesha Mishra, who has learnt dance with the help of the internet, has been paired with choreographer Ashish Patil. Whereas 11-year-old, Amit Kumar will be mentored by robotics expert, choreographer Amardeep Singh Natt. From West Bengal, 10-year-old Pratiti Das, who won the judges’ hearts with her Bharatanatyam moves will be guided by choreographer and ex India’s Best Dancer contestant Shweta Warrier, who has coined the dance form, Street-O-Classical.
Soumit Barman from West Bengal and Arshiya Sharma from Jammu are paired with choreographers Vaibhav Ghuge and Anuraddha respectively. Pari Tamang from Siliguri, who impressed the judges with her flexibility and precision, will be mentored by choreographer Pankaj Thapa. Whereas the 10-Year-old, Sanchit Chanana from Punjab, impressed the judges with his popping, will be guided by India’s Best Dancer winning choreographer – Vartika Jha.

The two dynamic contestants from Assam, six-year-old Florina Gogoi, surprised the judges with her freestyle dance form and who’s called ‘Floor Ki Katrina’ by judge Geeta Kapur, is teaming up with choreographer Tushar Shetty. While eight-year-old Sprihaa Kashyap, who has showcased some jaw-dropping moves and acrobats will be mentored by choreographer Sanam. 11-year-old Anshika Rajput and eight-year-old, Nirja Tiwari from Madhya Pradesh, swayed their way to top 13 with their brilliant dance moves, will be mentored by choreographers Aryan Patra and Bhavna Khanduja respectively. While expectations from nine-year-old kids, Aneesh Tattikota from Mumbai and Prithviraj Kongari from Karnataka is equally high, who will be guided by gurus Akash Shetty and Subhranil Paul respectively.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra says, “The kids this season are Superrrrr Se Bahaut Bahaut Uperrrrr!!! Such immense talent at such young age is commendable. I am excited to see these kids perform and explore their full potential under the guidance of their choreographers. All our top 13 kids are unique and outstanding in their own style. This season will be very exciting.”

Geeta Kapur says, “I am thrilled to see kids dancing with so much confidence and swag. Their expressions are on point, moves are crisp, and their confidence is next level. I am looking forward to seeing some great acts, and I am sure with the guidance of our choreographers, these kids are set out to create history on stage.”

Anurag Basu shares, “We are surprised with the versatility of these contestants. Our Super 13 kids are exceptionally talented, and this will make the journey of this season even more exciting. The audience are in for a treat. They are thoroughly prepared and with the help of gurus, the competition is only going to get stiffer. I am sure the Super 13 are here to set the stage on fire with their brilliant acts.”

*Tune in to watch outstanding performances of Super 13, on ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ every Saturday & Sunday at 8.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television*

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