“My favourite Sehri delicacy is Khajla” – says Hiba Nawab from Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai


Mumbai: The holy month of Ramazan is about fasting, prayers, food, gifts, family, and friends. Hiba Nawab aka CP in Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai is currently in Bareilly with her family and friends during this sacred month.
Get up close and personal with Hiba as she gets candid about her favourite Ramazan memory, the food she loves, and how is she spending her Ramazan in her hometown this year.
Talking about the holy month of Ramazan, she said, ”I believe the most vital part about this sacred month is fasting and praying, which means Ibadat, by keeping Rozas and by reading the Quran. We celebrate this month by cherishing each and every moment and by worshipping. I think it is essential to help people in need and do charity. My fondest memory for the holy month of Ramazan dates back to the days I observed my first Roza. I was eight years old and was super excited about it. We eat some delicious dishes this month, and this year I am in Bareilly with my family and friends after so long to celebrate the month of Ramazan and Eid. I avoid eating fried food across the year, but I grab a bite of spicy and fried food to my heart’s content during this time of the year. My favourite Sehri delicacy is ‘Khajla’, I love to eat sweet dishes as I have a sweet tooth. My resolution for Ramazan is to do more of Ibadat.”
Sharing about her plans to celebrate Eid this year, she said, “Eid is a special day for all the believers who fasted the whole month. Food is usually one of my favourite part of Eid. I enjoy eating biryani more than anything else. Till today, on every Eid, I stuff myself with all the savouries and enjoy my time with my friends and family. I believe Eid is all about festivity and happiness. I usually distribute sweets and food to the needy and try to bring a smile to their faces on this day.”

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