National Geographic India to air ‘Sunday Thrills with Bear Grylls’ starting 23rd May


New Delhi: Bear Grylls, known for thrilling, action-packed adventures along with his fierce survival skills, will feature in an exclusive and specially curated two-hour block on National Geographic in India. With a promise to bring alive the adventurer in every fan, Sunday Thrills with Bear Grylls’ will feature the biggest, daring, and most thrilling experiences of Bear Grylls across four shows every Sunday starting May 23rd,2021 at 7.00 p.m.

This India special will include shows such as Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls, Mission Survive With Bear Grylls, and Britain’s Greatest Adventurers With Bear Grylls. From taking celebrities of global fame and teams for an exciting journey and survival mission in the dangerous wilderness to him testing his spirit for adventure by exploring lesser-known territories of Britain, Bear will feed the souls of travel enthusiasts and nature lovers with this special entertainment package in four different formats. The shows will take viewers on an awe-inspiring journey offering unlimited adventure, accompanied by stunning visuals and breath-taking cinematography, in true National Geographic style.

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