Online releases : Yashwant Sihan releases Jaipal Reddy’s ‘Das Vichaardharaayen’


” Dus Vichardharayen- Gramyavad aur Udyogvad ka Beechme Mahavishsamta” of Late Shri S jaipal Reddy’s (former union cabinet Minister & “Outstanding Parliamentarian” awardee)

New Delhi:  Former Union Finanace and External Affairs Minister and Vice President of All India Trinamool Congress Yashwant Sinha said Jaipal Reddy would have been a pragmatic leader like him had he been alive today in spite of very discouraging circumstances. He was speaking at a webinar after releasing the Hindi translation of Jaipal Reddy’s book ‘Ten Philosophies’ organized by Jaipal Reddy Memorial Foundation on Wednesday evening. Sinha recalled the past when he, Jashwant Singh and Jaipla Reddy sat at Parliament Canteen having tea and discussed the subject that was being debated in the House. “We used to meet in the Central Hall in a very cordial atmosphere after a heated discussion in the House, I as a minister in Vajpayee government and he as a Congress leader,” recalled Yashwant Sinha.
The Hindi translation done by Ramesh Chandra Sharma, a Hindi lecturer, was named “Das Vichaardhaarayen.” Yashwant Sinha said Jaipal Reddy raised many issues and he was thorough with all the issues he raised. He was a well read man and his vocabulary was outstanding and members used to refer to their dictionaries to know the meaning of some rare phrases that Jaipal used to throw at will.Earlier, Yogendra Yadav recalled his association with Jaipal Reddy. He said Reddy used to convey great message in a few words. He was witty, sharp, fast and scholarly in Parliamentary debate or personal conversations. Meeting and hearing him was an education, Yogendra, president of Swarajya Party, said. Jaipal used to elevate the standard of debate. He was a socialist (samaajvaadi) at heart, Yadav said. Though Bertrand Russell was Reddy’s favorite philosopher, he quoted from many philosophers.

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