OPPO announces 30 Night Sleep Challenge


Mumbai: With the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic underway, health and wellbeing have attained utmost priority in these trying times. OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, is committed to provide solutions built to serve mankind. The OPPO Band Style 30 Night Sleep Challenge initiative drives home the importance of Continuous Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) monitoring. As part of the campaign, anybody who owns an OPPO Band Style can participate in the activity by wearing this when they sleep at night and connecting it to the HeyTap Health app on their Android phones, for 30 consecutive days. The first 500 participants will win another free OPPO Band Style which they can gift to their near and dear ones for their health and safety.

Recently, the brand donated 5,000 units of OPPO Band Style to frontline warriors of Delhi Police and the Greater Noida Authority. OPPO also pledged to donate another 300 Band Style to the Cyberabad Police workforce, reinforcing the fact that safeguarding citizens’ physical health and wellbeing have always been one of OPPO’s top priorities. The Band will help them monitor their heart rates and SpO2 levels to keep a check on their safety.

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