OPPO India conducts 5G standalone (SA) network trial for Reno6 Series in collaboration with Jio


Reno6 Series presents true 5G smartphones with Reno6 Pro supporting 11 5G bands and Reno6 supporting 13 5G bands
The trial conducted for the Reno6 Series smartphones yielded encouraging results

Mumbai: OPPO India, a leading global smart device brand has conducted 5G standalone network trial for Reno6 Series under the 5G SA network environment provided by Jio at its 5G Lab. The trial for the OPPO Reno6 Series, the latest in OPPO’s premium device segment, yielded highly positive results.
The encouraging outcomes of the trial ratify the capabilities of both the devices in the Reno6 Series as true 5G devices, bringing a high-quality 5G experience closer to reality. Reno6 Pro supports 11 5G bands wherein Reno6 is equipped with 13 5G bands. This will trigger the development of the 5G device ecosystem in India for users to experience 5G as and when it’s available in India and even in other parts of the world.
Mr. Tasleem Arif, VP, and R&D Head OPPO India said, “As a 5G pioneer, OPPO India is working relentlessly to accelerate 5G deployment and its accessibility for all. Our 5G standalone network trial for Reno6 Series with Jio is part of our in-depth research in the 5G era towards ensuring a better experience for the users. The successful validation of Reno6 Series devices on the 5G SA network of Jio is testimony to our commitment as a company to bring cutting-edge technology to our customers.”
SA architecture is one of the mainstream architectures of future 5G networks. OPPO has been actively laying the foundation for 5G SA network trials through its 5G Innovation lab in India. While most 5G tests in India involved non-standalone models, OPPO developed the solutions on stand-alone platforms – which meant testing devices with an authentic 5G set-up. Jio, which is committed to developing the 5G ecosystem in India, offered the 5G standalone network environment for testing these devices. With these initiatives, OPPO aims to ensure that once commercialised every adopter can have a true 5G device experience.This comes at a time when there is an increased focus in India towards the development of 5G technology and can have an instrumental role in making India’s device ecosystem future-ready.
OPPO is playing a pioneering role in the development of 5G technology in India with continuous R&D investment. The brand works closely with supply chain partners to advance 5G technology and elevate user experience while partnering with leading carriers and retailers to connect to more people. With an aim to democratise 5G technology in India and make it accessible for all, OPPO has launched 6 5G devices in India across price segments in 2021. Going forward, OPPO is set to make further investments in the fast-growing Indian market, contribute more technological innovation to the industry, and bring better products and services to its customers.
According to the report issued by a leading Germany research institute—IPlytics, OPPO is among the top ten companies regarding the number of declared 5G patent families in 2021. It has deployed its 5G standard patents in over 20 countries and regions around the world and filed over 3,900 families of global patent applications, declared over 1,600 families of 5G standard patents to the ETSI, and submitted more than 3,000 5G standard-related proposals to 3GPP.
OPPO has also focused heavily on the development of 5G in India and was the first smartphone brand to conduct a 5G WhatsApp video call in the country. In 2020, OPPO also established a 5G Innovation Lab at its Hyderabad R&D center to develop core product technologies for its 5G connected ecosystem.

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