we all soon win this war against Covid-19 Corona Virus – Haji Syed Salman Chishty


UNN@ We have personally seen the videos many times and found them very useful and we humbly request that all of you see these videos multiple times, listen to each instructions carefully and if possible implemennt them and forward them to all your contacts, social media netwoks, colleagues, friends and families among your contacts. All the videos are highly knowledgeable and effective if property followed as the clear n simple instructions from Dr Arvind sb. Here are links of the videos to be shared.
As we move forward with these videos to share widely with Dua’s from Ajmer Sharif, we have collaborated with Dr. Arvind Kumar Saheb, Dr. Bilal Saheb, Medanta Hospital and Lungs Care Foundation along with Chishty Foundation Ajmer Sharif for this very important awareness program to reach the millions of masses across India with prayers for everyone’s wellbeing and good health in Ajmer Dargah Sharif to counter this monstrous Covid-19 corona virus pandemic and specially for all the frontline workers, Covid Warriors, medical experts, administration, police personnels and many many more across India.
May we all soon win this war against Covid-19 Corona Virus.
Inshallah soon, Ameen.
May the Divine Grace always Shine upon you n all by your blessed side.
Dua’s from Ajmer Sharif always
Haji Syed Salman Chishty
Gaddi Nasheen – Dargah Ajmer Sharif
Chairman – Chishty Foundation Ajmer Sharif

Covid 19 – Corona virus epidemic: Correct and medically verified timely information
Covid 19 – Corona virus epidemic have spread all across our country and there is unrestricted spread of this fatal disease and lot of lives are being lost everywhere unfortunate. So its very important for the correct and medically verified timely information is very crucial for the first aid care amd first symptoms of the virus and practical measures can be taken at home as pre hospitalization care to check the further spread of corona virus. in the above mentioned concerns our very dear and respected senior physicians from New Delhi, medical expert Dr. Arvind Kumar sb and Dr Bilal sb have been sharing such important video messages in very simple to understand terminology to combat the covid 19 corona virus first symptoms as well as how collectively we can create a much needed atmosphere of awareness among urban and rural neighborhoods.From Ajmer Sharif we have endorsed, collaborated with them to spread the msg across India as We are sending you all these videos, which have the right information about how to do your first aid care treatment at home. The vedio msg straight from Dr Arvind experienced n dedicated career demonstrate to all of us these specific points :
1.How to safeguard n enhance your lungs strength from pneumonia if affected.
2.In case of breathings problem, shortage/lack of oxygen, lying down on your stomach can increase the oxygen flow.
3.How to use correctly the Pulse Oximeter.
4.How to use Oxygen Cylinder at home.
5.The families across rural areas have been given very correct information about how to take care of their treatment in villages deviod of modern medical facilities.

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