West Bengal extends Covid-19 lockdown till 15 June


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Press Conference Meeting.. She Declared West Bengal Stay Covid Situation Norms And Guidelines Till to 15th June 2021. Market Opening Same time and Sweet Shop timing this time.. Maintenance Safe Distance And Wearing Face Mask Compulsory.

UNN/Bijan Banerjee: The West Bengal government on Thursday extended the Covid-related restrictions on services and movement in the state till 15 June in view of an unprecedented surge in coronavirus cases. Restrictions in Bengal were currently in place from 15 May to 30 May.State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has sought the cooperation of Bengal’s residents and appealed to them saying, “Please don’t call this a lockdown. Covid numbers have come down. For economy’s sake there will be no total lockdown.The pandemic situation in Bengal eased a little because of existing restrictions, CM Banerjee said. She also said that the Covid-19 numbers in the state were declining and, for the economy’s sake, she was not announcing a “total lockdown”. The restrictions announced earlier this month will carry over into the new ‘near-lockdown’ period.

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भारतीय सड़कों की खाक छानेंगे मालदीव ( Maldives) की प्रमुख टूरिस्ट बॉडी , भारतीय शहरों में कराएगा रोड शो

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