Actor Mahesh Shetty shares important information to cope up with this crisis time


Mumbai: Determined to spread positivity and hope, actor Mahesh Shetty plays good samaritan amid the worst health crisis in history. He has been doing his best to devote his social media reach to the cause of mitigating the hardships of people.
The talented actor’s Instagram stories is filled with information related to plasma requests, vaccine, medical supplies and relevant helpline numbers. He has also been feeding the hungry while observing the necessary precautions and inspiring people to extend a helping hand to those in need.
Says a source, “Mahesh has been supporting fundraisers, answering SOS calls of help, sharing relevant information, assisting with search for hospitals, medicines and oxygen to the needy, distributing food to the hungry, sharing plasma requests and requests for other medical supplies. He is of the view that compassion is all about reducing suffering in your own way and that everyone can do their bit no matter how small it may seem.”

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