Akshay Oberoi to make a special appearance in Ken Ghosh’s State Of Siege: Temple Attack


Mumbai: Juggling multiple projects at the same time, Akshay Oberoi is determined to showcase his versatility. The Flesh actor will be seen in a special appearance as an Indian commando in Ken Ghosh’s State Of Siege: Temple Attack, headlined by Akshaye Khanna.The upcoming film is an OTT outing slated to stream on ZEE5. The Ken Ghosh directorial is based on the Akshardham temple terror strike of September 24, 2002, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. State Of Siege: Temple Attack will depict how, on September 24, 2002, a terrorist attack at Akshardham temple claimed over 30 lives and left 80 injured.Oberoi and Khanna will be seen as brothers in arms in the film. Talking about his cameo, Akshay Oberoi reveals, “I play Akshaye Khanna’s best friend and younger brother (in arms). Ken Ghosh and ZEE5 approached me for it and I was game. I shot for 3-4 days in Manali for it and had lots of fun. I loved the experience of wearing a uniform as a commando and my respect for them is much greater now.”Oberoi’s upcoming projects include KTina by Balaji Motion Pictures , Vikram Bhatt’s Cold and Thiruttu Payale 2.

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